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The CORE 4

Harness Four Core Business Drivers to Accelerate Your Organization

“Having worked with Brimstone for over 20 years, I can testify to the excellent work they do and have experienced first-hand the accumulated wisdom that is shared in this great guide for leaders. “

Tim Wentworth, President Cigna Services

Excel at change. Accelerate growth, performance, and profitability.

Core 4 leading change

“As a person who has led in several Fortune 100 organizations during times of tumultuous change, I wish I had found this book years ago.   The Core 4 provides a common sense and simplified approach to guide leaders seeking to move organizations or teams forward.”

Maura Dunn, Former HR Executive, General Dynamics Electric Boat

“Having worked with Bob Weiler and Brimstone Consulting, I can tell you that they’re the real deal –smart, insightful, and able to inspire major change.  Much like this small, powerful book they’ve written.”

Eric Norris, President, Albemarle Lithium

“In this compelling, engaging book, Bob Weiler has captured a lifetime of experience helping diverse organizations be more aligned, profitable, wise – and human.”

Hiro Takeuchi, Professor of Management Practice in Strategy Unit, Harvard Business School 

“Bob and the Brimstone Team have written a must-read guidebook for anyone leading change – read this book and learn from their years of practical experience.”

Noel Tichy, Professor of Management and Organizations, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

The Core 4 contains critical reminders for anyone tackling change – whether it’s taking on a new job, building a stronger team, transforming an organization, or accelerating business results. Bob Weiler and the Brimstone Team have captured these reminders in a down-to-earth, pragmatic way that can be applied directly to the real-world situations that leaders face.”

Jane Huston, SVP of Human Resources, OneSource Virtual

Harness Four Core Business Drivers to Accelerate Your Organization

Organizations across all industries are facing major challenges as they recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, restart their businesses, and build resilience to be ready for whatever’s next. The four core business drivers—Leadership, Change, Alignment, and Energy—will help any business get through this challenging time safely—and move forward with strong leadership and a clear vision.

Join Bob Weiler and Brimstone Consulting as they explore the foundational capabilities of any organization, from a small group to a global enterprise—leadership, change, alignment, and energy. These core drivers may be forgotten in the day-to-day busyness of business, but they remain critical to accelerating growth, performance, and profitability. As Weiler puts it, this book contains everything I knew but forgot to remember.

In The Core Four, Weiler and the Brimstone team bring decades of experience advising and accelerating some of the world’s leading organizations. Along the way, they have gained key insights about how leaders lead and organizations work. Their perceptive observations and revealing anecdotes give you what you need to lead—and succeed.

Excel at change. Accelerate growth, performance, and profitability.


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