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Transformation through change

We help you uncover the pivot points for accelerated growth, performance, and profitability

We help extraordinary leaders address their most critical and complex issues and bring a disciplined approach to transformation.

We work side by side with our clients to develop leaders, build strategies, and align teams to navigate change, disruption, and critical issues, leverage opportunities, and to uncover the pivot points for accelerated growth, performance, and profitability.

Leaders come to us to address critical issues, leverage opportunities and drive transformation in change, leadership, alignment, talent, strategy, and execution.

Our services include

Business Acceleration

Our proven methodology accelerates an organization’s ability to deliver real financial results while simultaneously developing the leadership skills of a core group of change agents.

This disciplined approach to business acceleration is designed to enhance the company’s financial performance, develop and assess a cadre of high-performing leaders, and promote teamwork and boundaryless behavior.

Change Enablement

An organization’s ongoing success depends on its ability to change—to adapt to new market realities, outmaneuver its competition, and develop strong leaders. We work with leaders and organizations to not just prepare for and to execute on change, but to excel at change.

We use perspective and process to think through challenges in new ways. We teach organizations the skills to answer those big questions for themselves, building capabilities along the way.

Culture Change

As an organization grows and evolves, we help leaders explicitly define the values and behaviors that will build a high-performance organization and model those attributes in the way they lead.


Advances in technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and cloud-computing platforms are generating a vast amount of data.  The ability to leverage this data is impacting traditional business models and processes.  We have worked alongside defense contractors, state government agencies, and Fortune 50 companies to help them solve the challenges they face as they undertake digital transformation and the shift to data-based decision-making.

Executive Coaching

We work with high-level executives—CEO’s, C-Suite and business leaders—who seek outside perspective on their effectiveness. We are often engaged after an assessment or when a “blind spot” has been revealed and needs to be addressed.

We also work with many high-potential individuals who have taken, or are preparing to take, a new role–one that requires new capabilities and/or increased leadership responsibility, or who want to be more productive in their existing roles.

Leadership Development

We help organizations develop, align, and prepare the next generation of leaders for expanded roles at the next level. Our framework is designed to and delivered in a way that reflects the unique needs of the organization and helps to deliver the outcomes the organization wants. It provides a platform for transforming the organization, its people, and delivering breakthrough financial performance.

Our leadership development framework delivers results in several areas including:

  • Development and retention of key players
  • Financial performance
  • Talent review and assessment
  • Insight into organization
Leadership Team Alignment

When a leadership team is not aligned, the organization is not aligned. Without alignment, performance suffers.

We work with leadership teams to gain—and sustain—the coordination, collaboration, and clarity that accelerates growth and delivers results.

Our methodology is designed to:

  • Align the leadership team by building and clarifying strategy
  • Set the stage for strategy implementation by engaging and aligning the organization
  • Drive the team to high performance
Organizational Alignment

Organizational alignment is a cornerstone of business success. The success of this alignment hinges upon an honest, clear assessment of the internal state of the organization.

The best answers to your organization’s challenges are most often found by your best people, not by outsiders. We work with you to get an honest look into your organization’s strategy, customers, competitors, products, critical issues, key processes, people, and culture. We’ll help you identify areas of agreement and misalignment among senior leaders, and we will share observations and recommendations with the senior leaders. Together, we will develop an organization-specific approach to better alignment and the resolution of issues facing the business.

Post-Merger Integration

We work with you to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by a merger, and to tackle the inevitable challenges. Our focus is on aligning teams, unlocking potential, and driving results.

Our process builds teams, process, and structure.

Strategy to Execution

We work with leaders to quickly scale and execute on cost savings and revenue opportunities throughout their organization. We engage your teams, identify solutions, and quickly execute on them.

Our approach ties together the short-term drive for financial results with the creation of effective processes for communication up, down, and laterally, while developing leaders. We guide your organization through a process of aligning around building a strategy to execution roadmap to define quantifiable goals and identify opportunities for cost savings or revenue generation. Then we work with leaders on execution. This accelerates your organization’s ability to drive real dollars to the top and bottom lines.



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